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Hotel Éclat Beijing – Location

Hotel éclat Beijing’s prime location within Parkview Green Fangcaodi in Beijing’s Central Business District is conveniently close to the MRT station and offers easy access to highways. Also nearby is the Embassy area, Sanlitun dining and entertainment district and much more.

Driving Directions from Capital international Airport

  • Take the airport express way
  • From the airport express way turn to east 3rd ring road at San Yuan Qiao bridge
  • Take the main road of the east 3rd ring road until reach the Jing-Guang Bridge
  • Turn west at the Jing-Guang bridge
  • Take the Chao yang road and turn south at Dong Da Qiao road
  • The hotel is located on the right
  • Approximately 45 minutes, 30 Kilometers

Driving Directions from Daxing international Airport

  • Take the Daxing Airport Expressway
  • To the south 5th ring road
  • To the east 5th ring road
  • To the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway
  • To the east 3rd ring road
  • Take the main road of the east 3rd ring road until reach the Jing-Guang bridge
  • Turn east at the Jing-Guang bridge
  • Take the Chaoyang road and turn south at Dongdaqiao road
  • The hotel is located on the right
  • Approximately 60 minutes and 57 kilometers


No. 9, DongDaQiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.C. 100020


北京怡亨酒店, 中国北京朝阳区东大桥路9号 邮政编号:100020

Facade at Hotel Eclat Beijing

Hotel Éclat Beijing

Address:No. 9, DongDaQiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.C. 100020

CCTV Tower

Address:CCTV Headquarters 32 E 3rd Ring Rd Middle Chaoyang, Beijing China

China World Trade center

Guomao, Chaoyang, Beijing

Fortune plaza

Address:Beijing, Chaoyang, GuoMao, E 3rd Ring Rd Middle, 23号财富中心 邮政编码: 100020

WFC (World Finance Center)

Address:Guomao, Chaoyang, Beijing China 100020

China Central Place

Address:6 W Dawang Rd Chaoyang, Beijing China

LG twins Tower

Address:Jianwai Street, Chaoyang, Beijing China 100025

Yin Tai Center

Address:2 Jianguomen Outer St Chaoyang, Beijing China

China World Exhibition Hall

Address:China Beijing, Chaoyang, GuoMao, Guomao Bridge 国贸大厦东侧 邮政编码: 100004

China International Exhibition Centre

Address:China International Exhibition Center Shunyi New Hall China 北京市顺义区 天竺空港开发区

China international agriculture Exhibition hall

Address:16 E 3rd Ring Rd N Chaoyang, Beijing China

Forbidden City

Address:The Palace Museum Dongcheng, Beijing China

Tiananmen Square

Address:秀蔓天安門店 Tiananmen Square Dongcheng, Beijing China

Temple of Heaven

Address:Dongcheng, Beijing China

Summer Palace

Address:颐和园 19 Xin Jian Gong Men Lu Haidian, Beijing China

Great Wall of China

Pearl or Silk Market

Address:China, 北京市朝阳区国泰大饭店西餐厅

Qianmen Shopping Street

Address:Beijing People's Government Dongcheng, Beijing, China

Beijing Antique Market / Panjiayuan

Address:Beiyuan Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Wangfujing Shopping Street

Address:China, Beijing Shi, Wang Fu Jing Da Jie 语易教育培训学校

Oriental Plaza

Address:Dong Chang'an Dajie 1 Beijing China

Shin Kong Place

Address:Shin Kong Place Chaoyang, Beijing, China

798 arts zone

Address:China Beijing, Chaoyang 酒仙桥路4号 邮政编码: 100015

National art gallery

Address:Dongcheng, Beijing China 100010

Red gate gallery

Address:9 Chongwenmen E St Dongcheng, Beijing China

Today art museum

Address:China Beijing, Chaoyang Baiziwan Rd, 32号 苹果社区4号楼

National museum of China

Address:16 E Chang'an Ave Dongcheng, Beijing China

Capital museum

Address:16 Fuxingmen Outer St Xicheng, Beijing China

China red sandal museum

Address:23 Jianguo Rd Chaoyang, Beijing China

Guan Fu museum

Address:China Beijing, Chaoyang, Nangao Rd 金南路18号 邮政编码: 100015

National theatre

Address:2 W Chang'an Ave Xicheng, Beijing China

Chang an theatre

Address:China Beijing, Dongcheng Jianguomen Inner St, 7号 光华长安大厦

Magabox cinema (Sanlitun)

Address:China, Beijing, Chaoyang, Sanlitun Rd Sanlitun Village South Area 三里屯villageB1层 邮政编码: 100600

Stellar International Cineplex

Address:The Place Jinhui Rd GuoMao, Chaoyang, Beijing China, 100600

PSB Entry & Exit Administration

Address:2 Andingmen E St Dongcheng, Beijing China


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Beijing in Brief

Capital City

The luxury Hotel éclat Beijing is located in Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China.


Beijing’s climate is defined as “continental monsoon”. The four seasons are distinctly recognizable. The average temperature throughout the year is 12C (54F). The coldest month is January with an average temperature of -4.5C (24F) while the warmest is in July with average temperatures of 27C (81F); However, it will feel warmer due to the humidity. The average annual precipitation is 644mm, with most of that falling in July and August. Beijing climate is relatively dry, it is recommended that you bring along plenty of moisturizer and lotion.

Travel Documents

A passport is required for all visitors and tourists traveling from outside China. Passports must be valid for at least six months.

All hotels are required to register passport information for each guest upon check-in with the local Public Security Bureau.

Visitors must have a return plane ticket reserved and are also required to provide an accommodation address while in China. Chinese immigration will verify the details above.

A Visa is also required for entry into the country. Visa applications should be submitted at least one month before departure for China. Please check with the embassy or consulate for specific requirements from your country.


Business or smart casual. If traveling between May and September pack lighter articles of clothing as the weather will be hot and humid.

When traveling in winter, be prepared for dry and colder temperatures. A winter jacket and heavier clothing is recommended. Evenings will be cool during the spring or fall; Dressing in layers and/or packing a jacket is recommended.

Credit Cards

Most major credit cards are accepted (Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Diners Club).


The local currency in Beijing is Yuan (CNY); however, it is also commonly known as the Renminbi (RMB). Please check the online currency converter for up-to-date conversions. 

Although credit card acceptance has increased significantly it is not uncommon to encounter shops and restaurants that don’t accept credit card payment. Travelers should note that China’s culture is still focused on actual currency. ATMs are quite common though and most can accept International bankcards.

Electric Current

220 Volts; AC 50 Hz (items should be dual voltage). Please contact hotel staff for International adaptors.


Standard Mandarin is the official language of the People’s Republic of China; It is also referred to as Mandarin Chinese or Putong Hua.

Although English is becoming more common, a large percentage of the population does not understand English. The Hotel staff can provide translation assistance.

Time Zones

GMT/UTC plus 7 hours in summer and plus 8 hours in winter; No adjustment for Daylight Saving Time.


Tipping is not common within China but that is slowly evolving. Tipping practice is prevalent in International hotels and Fine Dining restaurants where exposure to Western influence has increased in recent years.

Tipping taxi drivers is not expected but acknowledging the services of a tour guide through a gift or tip is very well received.

Thank you for your interest in Hotel éclat Beijing. For general enquiries and concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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Hotel Éclat Beijing – Location